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About Us



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Situated on the shores of the Kafue River approximately 300 kilometers from Lusaka the Kidz 4 Him project operates in the rural villages of the Itezhi catchment area.
Robert and Sheree Moodie sold their possessions in Australia and moved permanently to Zambia in 2008 with a desire to assist the thousands of children who are struggling to survive after their parents have died from disease and ignorance.
Poverty is a label but it is more than a label it’s a terrible reality for so many families trying to make ends meet. Zambia is a nation of strong family units but the overwhelming numbers of at risk children is more than society can absorb.
Kidz4him provides food support to those families who accept training to improve their ability to support the extra children.
Kidz 4 Him trains young people who would otherwise have no opportunity to gain training.
Working through welfare Kidz 4 Him provides a home for babies who are orphaned at birth or shortly after in the Kakusasane Childrens Home.

Our Mandate is to make a people ready for the soon return of Jesus.
Our Goal is to reach everyone with the Good News of salvation
Our plan is to change hearts by becoming the hands and feet of Jesus
Our method is to love people into the kingdom

Join us in our work, donate or contact us sign up for our newsletters if you want I look forward to talking to you.